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You’re Wasting Your Time with 1 Rep Maxes in Training

You likely aren’t strong enough or experienced enough in terms of time under a bar to be utilizing 1 rep maxes 24/7 in your training. I’m not referring just to competition based lifts for 1 rep maxes, but also any variation for a 1 rep max.

Are you training for your ego or are you training to actually get stronger?

Spending more time with higher VOLUME is going to be huge for less experienced/weaker lifters. Context: less experienced (under 6 years of year round training) weaker (not benching 400+ raw/squatting 600+ raw)

“But Louie said...” Louie is a genius. He’s the smartest man in the strength industry. You have to remember context though. He’s working with the 1% of the 1%. Those guys had to get to where they are now first although.

So austin, what’re you saying we should do? Don’t shy away from training with 5x2, 4x3, 3 rep maxes, 5 rep maxes, etc.

Does this mean I should never take a 1 rep max in training?? Far from it. Using a 1 rep max from time to time with variations is still widely beneficial. It gives you a huuuuuge confidence boost. Everything starts with the mind. If I can make an athlete or lifter experience that boosted confidence from an overload 1 rep max, it’s going to have a carryover not only in the weights they can lift but also in their sport and/or life.

“Hold on austin, I use the MAPerform program and it has a 1 rep max listed each week in the program. You’re contradicting yourself”, again back to context. If you are an athlete who is working out with your school team AND training online with us, you don’t need more volume. You already get volume each week during your school workouts. My job simply becomes to fill the gap for you at that point. On the other hand, when it comes to athletes that are in-season or experiencing high volumes of movement from practicing for their sport (aka team practices), due to the higher volume experienced there, we’ve got to drop volume in training. So again, time to insert more 1 rep maxes and less volume on our heavy days.

Nothing is set in stone. While 1 person might not be able to recover from higher volume while having to workout at school and/or practice their sport, another individual might be able to. Training age, adaptation rates, nutrition, and the ability to efficiently recruit motor units all have a role in what an athlete can and can’t handle in training.

Keep questioning. Keep learning.

-Austin Maine

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