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Just the Lows. What if we Meet in the Highs too?

I believe we’ve yet to even peer at the mountain peak we’re each capable of climbing.

So many times we meet God only in the lows. What would happen if we stayed with Him during the highs?

For us at MAP, our main goal is to connect each individual to their journey. Finding that path can be one of the most difficult things to do, but there are a few things that are MUSTS to achieve it. The individual must elevate their ability to efficiently handle more physical stress, emotional stress, and eventually truly break from the culmination of the stress. It oftentimes isn’t until we hit the valley that we start to understand the purpose we were put here for. Many will just quit in the valley which is why our world currently is the way it is; economy trending down, countries wanting to go away from the US dollar, depression at an all time high, people WANTING deeper connection. It is up to us to find a way to navigate through the valley if we ever want to see what waits for us on the highest mountain peaks.

The number 1 thing we must first embrace is consistency. Before we ever talk about finding and achieving our God given purpose, we have to go through the door of consistency. If we never get this step accomplished, we won’t be able to enter the next door that leads into what we’re seeking. God being so good, already took care of this. We have every single thing already within us to accomplish it; we have been given a spirit of self-discipline. It is up to us to choose to walk in that or not, but we are all more than capable!

During that time of consistency being set, we’ll start to see more and more the path we are seeking open up. The valley won’t stay forever if we keep moving. As you keep going on your journey, you’ll be met with higher and higher levels of stress; both in training and in life. In training, your weights will go up, the exercise selection will get more complex, your recovery protocols will get dialed in more and more, and you’ll train even more frequently at times. In life, a loved one will pass, a team will cut you, your best friend will stab you in the back. Every branch that bears fruit, He prunes so it will bear even more fruit. If it’s hard, PRAISE. The valley isn’t a place of attack, it’s a place of preparation that we MUST go through. This is where we are prepared to take on the next goal, the next challenge.

As we keep going, the path we’re seeking of ultimate fulfillment will keep opening more and more. During these higher stress times, you’ll find that there is more in you than you ever realized. This is what we refer to as the base; happiness in our pyramid of performance. Happiness comes from your spiritual health. It is impossible to keep pushing forward through those moments in the valley much less to push through to the next taller mountaintop without spiritual health being in a solid standing. To improve this portion, hang out with others who inspire you, who push you, who also have a great spiritual life, and spend time daily on this piece of the path. The answers we seek are found through it.

When we start to compile all of these things, establishing daily checklists for them; training, nutrition, relationships, spiritual health, more doors into the life we are placed here for open up. To reach the unseen mountaintop you’ve been placed here for, continue to use the things you learned to get through the valley. It won’t all happen overnight, but so long as you keep moving it has no choice but to eventually happen.

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