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Your Guide to Becoming a Professional Athlete

It takes 3 very specific things to truly find your highest potential. For some, the highest potential might be a professional career in athletics, for others this might be a doctorate degree or business ownership, or maybe this is the trick to allowing an individual to create the dream life they want.

We designed MAP to create the possibility for an individual to have every tool required to find what their potential truly is.

We utilize a model to achieve this goal that is constantly pushing 3 things; performance, nutrition, and fulfillment.

The combination of all 3 result in the individual reaching his/her full potential

How do we chase each?

Performance - Traveling the entire country to learn from coach after coach has led us to creating the best possible athlete development program in Oklahoma. The highest level of performance doesn’t come from a one time event. It is a culmination of years within the proper training system that advances with the athlete at each step. This is why we have created a 4 part system that athletes are able to advance within as they earn it. You can’t beat what comes from years of dedication. The athlete who starts training properly as a 4th grader will already have 3 years ahead of most by the time they get to 7th grade. This is in big part why we have had athletes not even in junior high showcase more explosiveness and strength than college athletes. They started young. What if the athlete is already in high school? Can they use our system short term to create substantial gains? Absolutely as we have seen upwards of 10+ inches increased on athletes vertical jumps within 3 months. The longer the amount of time that same individual spends training in the system, the higher the level of performance he/she will reach.

Nutrition - One of the biggest game changers not just physically but more importantly mentally is nutrition. There is a reason most don’t have any type of nutrition plan in place as it’s HARD. What we see with athletes is that if you give them little guidelines one by one, you can build so much momentum from one step to the next that they are able to go from eating whatever whenever to being able to stick to a full blown meal plan like the most disciplined professional athletes and bodybuilders utilize. Rather than it taking 7 years for them to create nutrition compliance like myself, they are able to do this in a much shorter time frame even at a younger age. There is a process within here just like anything else. When we go into first grade, we learn a few things. When we go to second grade, we have to remember what we learned in first grade and add new information to it. The same can be said about nutrition with an athlete. Even when working with professional athletes, we have seen that they too need a process. It isn’t as easy as just saying here eat this and it’s done. When a nutrition plan is in place, it allows the athlete to consistently create daily wins. Each day they do what they were advised to do, they get a win. Add enough of those wins together and you start creating huge momentum. Momentum is THE game changer whether it is within athletics or life.

Fulfillment - The base of all performance is happiness. Finding what makes you fulfilled is one of the quickest ways to build that base of happiness. Contrary to popular belief, fulfillment doesn’t come from getting anything else; the scholarship, the new car, the new job, etc. Fulfillment is never about getting. It is simply a state of being. There are tools that can help lead people into that state, one of which is proper training. One of the biggest benefits to utilizing our training system is that the athlete is allowed to beat records 24/7. It takes work to beat these and at times can take a LOT more work than others. What this creates is a HUGE confidence boost. When all an individual knows is winning, it is extremely hard to beat them. Fulfillment isn’t created by a one time event, but it can be cultivated by stringing together many one time events helping an individual overcome self. We are capable of so much more than we often believe. Pushing yourself past the limit in a safe and controlled manner (within the weight room) is one of the most efficient ways to create more belief in self to be able to find what everyone is looking for, fulfillment. If you don’t have any self doubts, you most likely aren’t dreaming big enough. For the majority here at MAP, self doubt is part of it as we reach for goals we once thought were unattainable. To battle through those doubts, hard training + a strong community are going to be needed.

Iron sharpens iron. Life is better done with others. Choose the harder things to give yourself the biggest chance of finding your true potential.

-Austin Maine

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