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You’re Doing Everything You Can to Get Better… or so You Thought.

You never miss a school weights session, you always get your MAPhysique, MAPerform, or MAPower online program done, but you still want more. Recovery protocols should be on point. No this doesn’t just mean go sit in a norma tech suit or ice bath.

What recovery protocols?

Start with using whoop.

Can you consistently hit Green Day’s on there as well as actually say you’re happy each day? If not, you’ve got some things to fix. For most, green isn’t always going to happen. And for others trying to do more, this can become a huge detriment. The more you do in training/practice, the more you are going to have to do on the flip side of that with recovery.

If you are trying to burn more fuel in a car but don’t have anymore gas to burn, it’s going to shut down. The same can be said with training and recovery. If you want to train more (burn more fuel) you have to have more fuel.

What things limit us from filling up? Lack of nutrition and sleep are the two first boxes to check off. For nutrition, we are looking for athletes to at least have calories at 14+ for female athletes training, practicing, and playing games 7+ times per week. As for male athletes, we look to say 17+ calories per pound in order to operate at peak performance if having those same 7+ sessions in a week. For female athletes, we usually start with 30% fats 40-45% carbs and 25-30% protein for the macro breakdowns. For the guys, we usually look at 25-30% fats, 40-50% carbs, and 25-30% protein on the macro breakdowns. As for sleep, a MINIMUM of 8 hours a night is required to perform optimally. If sleep is something you struggle with, I’d look into using meditation protocols at night (headspace is a great app for this) as well as looking into cooling the room down to below 67 degrees and placing phones across the room once getting in bed, and for some, even getting sleep tests done to see if a CPAP might be good for you. For most, that number of training sessions can be upwards of 14+ sessions a week instead of 7. That is the key to improving, but in order to handle that workload, the recovery side has to also increase. Nutrition and sleep set the base of recovery. Want to get better faster? Fix your recovery base.

So, you eat properly and always get plenty of sleep, what’s next?

The next thing we start looking into is stress management. How are you handling stress? Do you have a clear purpose and feel happy as well as train hard, sleep, and eat? If so, awesome, you’re the model athlete. As for the rest of the 99.9%, meditation is the next thing to look into including. This can be as simple as starting each day using 10-15 minutes of breathing protocols or doing yoga. Great resources here would again include the headspace app, the wimhof method, soma breathing, and mindfulness meditations. As the mind and body become better at handling and adapting to stress, more activity can be done thus getting better at an even faster rate. Along with meditation or as another option, contrast showers can provide benefit as well in the recovery process. Try 15 seconds of cold water followed by 45 seconds of warm water for 4-8 minutes. Still looking for more options? Body tempering. Start including body tempering before and or after training for 2-3 minutes at each interval. One last final option that can yet again be another huge help, adding a cool down after training or before bed.

Before looking into adding extra training sessions, start looking into fixing your sleeping and eating patterns. Good there? Now, look into adding 1-2 more sessions a week. If your body is handling that well, look into a 3rd. If you notice you start feeling out of control, listen to your body. It is telling you what it needs. This is where you need to start introducing recovery protocols as mentioned above.

Limits are fiction when you start to believe in yourself and have the proper tools to utilize.

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