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What Does it Take to Actually Become Your Best

It starts with creating pattern changes, eventually reaching the point that you are training 4-30 times a week, eating to a T exactly what you are supposed to, in specific quantities, at specific times, and taking the RIGHT supplements for your performance based on your blood work.


You can try to do it yourself, but you won’t make it without others help. The best, they take care of that. There is a reason professional athletes have chefs and nutritionists. They know what it takes to reach their peak. And no, most of them did not just wake up and magically could do it all at once. They struggled and had to learn just like everyone else. Our end goal is to see everyone get as far as they can. This is why we use a 4 level system when it comes to nutrition. To get to level 4 (professional athlete type of eating) you have to create pattern changes along the way. Each level for our clients gets harder, just like school. Clients will struggle at each level until boom, It sticks. Once it sticks, we move into the next step and repeat the process.

What does level 4 look like?

Food is based on current activity levels, type of training being done, bodyweight, food allergies, bodies response to certain foods, and goals of the individual. Nutrition is a lot more than just, "go eat more or go eat less." This also includes 9 different daily supplements. It requires full scheduling of your day in order to meet all of the requirements. You don’t miss meals, and you don’t just eat what you want because you’re having a bad day. It is a very high level of discipline. For somebody trying to see what they are capable of, this is something they can learn how to do. Without this, they aren’t doing everything they can to truly become their best. The goal should be better each day and eventually getting to level 4.


As for the training it takes, many people show up to practice and show up to weights, some even go do extra of each on their own, great. that’s the entry level to what you’re capable of. To find what you’re truly capable of, nearly daily, you’ll have sport practice or game, special exercises for your weak areas which will take 5-45 minutes to do, weight room training, and a recovery session. That adds up to 24 sessions a week with one day off. To do this, you have to schedule it. It can’t be left up to chance. You can’t negotiate with yourself or just think “I’ll get it later.” You have to plan ahead and execute. This again is something you CAN control.

Does everybody start by doing that much? No!! That would set the individual up to fail. We use a system here just like we do with food. At first, we look to have an athlete doing 2-4 extra things on their own each week; 2 training sessions in addition and 1-2 extra sport practice sessions. Overtime, this has to increase. We usually look at increasing weight room to 3-7 sessions a week next which can be small special workouts as well as big training sessions. Extra Sport practice now also increases to 2-4 times a week. The only way the frequency of these can increase is by giving your body the fuel it needs through nutrition and through using a detailed daily and monthly schedule.

When it comes how we prefer to train, our clients hit PRs 98% of the time on everything they do which makes it very addictive to WANT to be in the weight room. We all like to win. Some of you guys are thinking, “no way this is serious, I don’t have time.” Everybody has time, few are willing to organize time enough and sacrifice enough to get there, and many others are never given the tools it takes to be able to organize their time to make this a possibility.

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