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Stop Waiting to Figure it Out, Just Go

If you know me, I don’t say much. I sit back, and usually don’t go out or around many people.

I coach, train, and try to figure out what I’m supposed to do next just like everyone else. Half the time, I question if what I’m doing is what I’m supposed to be doing. Sometimes, I think I have every problem known to man figured out, and other times, I completely forget which exit I’m supposed to take to go home.

Having all the problems figured out? I’ve had these “light bulb moments” since I was a little kid. I remember always coming into my mom’s room at night waking her up asking off the wall questions with my “light bulb moments”. There’s no telling how much sleep I made her lose asking about off the wall topics at God knows what time, always questioning.

Nowadays, I just get to go find answers for a lot of people outside of just myself. I’ve been able to travel around the US learning because of that desire which was a childhood dream for me. An athlete has an issue and I need answers for it? Go find the person. When I had no clue how to grow business to help more? Found the people. Wanted to learn if limits are just fiction? Found the person.

We don’t have to have it figured out, we just have to be willing to question and find. The more I let myself wonder, the more I find. It’s an addicting process. It seems so simple when I read it that way, and maybe it actually is when we shut everything off each day. Maybe all we have to do is get quiet enough that we can find answers on a daily basis.

To whoever else is trying to figure this whole thing out,

It’s fine to doubt. Just don’t stop moving when you start doubting.


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