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GBDT Adjustments for Aesthetics

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

Modifying GBDT for Cutting

The biggest change we recommend for the individual looking to use GBDT to cut is on max effort training days which take place on Mondays and Fridays.

When it comes to the individual looking to cut, one of the main issues during training is recovery. This is due to the fact that they are eating less calories than they normally would. Those calories are critical for helping the body repair itself after an intense workout. Take the calories out, and now we have to be much wiser with how we spend our little amount of available calories


⚫️Within our normal online training program known as GBDT, training is set up in 3 week waves. Those 3 weeks put together are what we consider 1 wave of training.

⚪️Each week the individual will see a new variation of their big lift for the day. The big lifts we are referring to are on Mondays and Fridays. This big lift always takes place right after the warmup is completed. For example; week 1 the big lift might be a box squat Monday and a pin press Friday while Monday of week 2 might be a sumo stance rack pull as the big lift and Friday a close grip bench press.

Within a typical wave on GBDT, the training program is outlined as follows for the main lift:

Week 1 of each wave is typically a 5 rep max of some squat/bench/deadlift variation

Week 2 is a 3 rep max of some squat/bench/deadlift variation

Week 3 is a 1 rep max of some squat/bench/deadlift variation.

⚪️When modifying the program for the individual trying to cut for aesthetic purposes, we recommend taking a 5 rep max on week 1, a 5 rep max on week 2 instead of a 3 rep max, and a 3-5 rep max on week 3 instead of a 1 rep max. Again this will be for the very main lift of the day which is right after the warmups on Mondays and Fridays.

⚫️This modification of GBDT results in more volume (reps) and less intensity. The increased volume will help the individual maintain lean muscle mass while in a caloric deficit. The decrease in intensity, a 1 rep max being the most intense and 5 rep max being the least intense, will help the individual be able to still recover while in a caloric deficit.

⚪️Accessories (everything done after the big lift) are always done with as little rest as possible in circuit fashion. Regardless if the individual is trying to cut weight or gain weight, that style of moving fast with a purpose on accessories increases the individuals work capacity which overtime helps them recover from each workout.Program available through the Teambuildr app at $20/month, no cancellation fees. Headover to the products page to get signed up and started today.

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