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Fuel: A Car Without Gas Can't Go Anywhere

When it comes to the pyramid we so often use, the base is the most important part. At the base of the pyramid is nutrition. How can I expect to perform optimally on an empty tank? Lack of fuel prevents a car from getting to its destination just like lack of proper food prevents an individual from getting to his/her destination. A strong foundation leads to everything else upstream being strong as well.

Big goals require big work. What is the one thing most athletes at lower levels aren't doing? They don't put in any effort into eating or sleeping. This inhibits recovery which ends up inhibiting how much they can train. If they can't train, how can they get better? Whoever can train the most, while still recovering, will become the best. The easiest way to separate from the rest of the herd is by doing the things they aren't doing, such as eating enough of the right stuff. This is how we get to do more. There is a reason professional athletes spend tons of money on chefs and food. This helps them go perform at their highest level day in and day out.

One of the most common complaints heard from athletes is lack of energy. Those same athletes oftentimes sleep very little and/or eat such little quantities of food that they are asking to never reach their full potential. The biggest feedback I hear when handling nutrition with clients is an influx of energy. They finally FEEL like doing the things they know they need to do rather than having to force themselves to do it, such as; training sessions, extra sport practice, etc. This same principle can be applied to adults as well. How can we expect to make big body composition changes when our hormones are out of wack from lack of the right food in the right amounts? Food is the driver of body composition changes as well as performance changes. Our athletes at MAP who eat enough are our same athletes who progress 24/7 (based on the data we track) while always staying healthy. Quit driving cars on E or trying to fuel a gas powered vehicle with diesel. Give yourself a chance to reach your goals by taking care of the steps needed.

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