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Adjustments for Athletes Using MAP Look Good, Do Good, Feel Good Program.

We are currently running 8 different individuals through this program as test subjects and after the first 3 weeks, we are already seeing bigger PRs than in the past and hearing people talk about feeling even better than when they were using MAPerform, MAPower, and MAPhysique. The adjustments and results featured to this program have lead me to believing this just might be the future for how we do things here at MAP. It is still early in the process although and more adjustments will have to be made as time goes on I believe.

For athletes using this program aimed at increasing work capacity and muscular growth (both of which are great to do following a competitive season or during the athletes secondary sport season), we will NOT be dropping jumps from the MAPerform program. Explosive strength still needs to be attacked, so the athlete will need to wave his/her jump training in.

How to add jumps?

We look to take a high/medium/low approach with training. Mondays are the highest day in terms of stress, so we want to add our jumping into this day. Add stress to the high stress day rather than trying to spread it into your low/rest day or a medium day. This will help keep the central nervous system operating at its peak.

What kind of jumps?

Depth jumps, box jumps, vertical jumps on a justjump mat, weighted jumps, broad jumps, single leg jumps, YOU PICK. Our 2 favorites? Depth jumps and weighted jumps on the justjump mat.

How many?

If you have been training in the MAP system for 1+ year, 24-30 jumps would be optimal, but some can handle 40. If you are newer to training in our system, keep jumps from 12-20 total.

For the 1+ year individual, this could be 8x1 weighted jumps on the justjump mat with 25lb DBs paired with 8x2 depth jumps. Save records for each. For the individual newer to MAP, 6x3 DB Box Jumps with different weights for height records is a great option.

If you are not progressing in your records, (retest old records every 3-6 weeks) you need to look at increasing your food intake and/or adding 12-40 more jumps on Fridays workout each week. Just do 1 at a time to trouble shoot that issue. Dont do food and more jumps at same time. Try 1 then add the other if needed.

It has been a ton of fun working on this as it is a culmination of every single thing I have learned up to this point as the program itself is set up to take care of stress management, recovery protocols, muscular growth, strength increases, mental capacity, and recoverability increases. This IS the future of MAP and creating not only individuals more equipped for their sport/goal, but also happier and more fulfilled with life.

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