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MAP Clinton Open Gym

This is not personal training, this is not group training, this is for those looking for a new way, a place to actually train instead of workout, and to train in a way that shifts mindset to accomplish more. Although it is not group training, you guys are more than welcome to create your own training groups, and we highly encourage this as training partners are key. We will be adding equipment as earned and requested to help each of these individuals reach their goals just like we do with our athletes.

We do require an application to be filled out prior to training. Upon receiving submission of application, we will be in touch with you in order to answer any questions, get deeper into your goals, and get your plan set up. 

Is this for me?

For anybody outside of athletics. The stay at home mom looking to get healthier, the high school individual who has a goal outside of athletics, the college student wanting to be in the best shape they ever have, the dads that know how important their health is to leading their family, the business owners looking to utilize training as a tool to go further in that route, or those simply ready to take bigger steps towards reaching their full potential in life.

Week 1 is big. We utilize a bunch of equipment that isn't found other places. During week 1, the individual will have to schedule times rather than come at any time. During that week, we will work alongside them to help them with movements and how to utilize our specialty equipment. If the first month goes well, that member will be able to retain a membership for life. If not, that individual will be asked to leave. We are not looking for individuals who are comfortable, we want individuals who are trying to grow as people. 


Money isn’t our priority, making an impact on people who actually want to change is though. We understand if pricing is an issue, but we will never turn away somebody for that reason.


1- Application

2- Free Consult (what is the goal, what is the individual hoping to get out of it, what is normal daily schedule like so we can create a plan)

3- Week 1 (set up times via schedule)

4- 3 Week Probation

5- Member

Training Plan

We will also handle the training plan in addition to this membership fee. The wrong training plan will make it take that much longer to accomplish the goal. If you aren’t willing to learn something, please do not put in an application. If you’re hungry for better ways, you will push us just as much as we can push you. We want people who actually care about the training as it is one of our biggest passions.


See MAP Payments for pricing


Current Schedule

Monday - Friday: 3:45pm-8pm

Saturday: 10:30pm-1:30pm

Sunday: Closed

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